Alt tags? Great site that explained to me what alt tags are and gave useful examples of what qualifies as an appropriate alt tag and what doesn’t. If you were wondering what the answer is read the article.   Phase 2 This website also has another useful explanation of alt tags and their proper use, both […]

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Parse Error

Had some trouble, whilst trying to change something in the function page I came across this message from death. I accidentally deleted or added something I shouldn’t and couldn’t access my site at all to revert the mistake. This was the second time this had happened to me but the first time I managed to delete […]

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Cart icon

Currently Im using a woocommerce plugin for my shop and it works well and looks good, however I wanted the textual cart in the menu to be exchanged with a cart icon like above. There were several solutions and others just showing you how to setup and use the plugin. Finally found a suggestion that […]

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Adjusting Layout

After choosing a theme, looked at the best ways to change and adapt the theme to match my mockups. The first link was something I found too intrusive and relied on using the editor. Gantry is a plugin that I came across that allows you to adapt the layout in easy steps and changes the […]

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No Sidebars Please

                                A simple issue I had was that on every page there was the ever present sidebar which I only wanted present in the store. I played around with the page settings and nothing changed […]

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Footer Issues

I was having issues with my footer, I found that when all the widgets were placed into the footer container they would end up stacked rather than align horizontally. After researching how to align it properly and looking into various links that seemed to work for others, I didn’t find anything that fully tackled my issues […]

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Was trying to make my website shop products optimised for search engines to resemble what would actually be desired for a real online store. It’s been mostly guess work figuring out the correct labeling. I now understand what each section is about but getting the focus keyword correct has been challenging and getting above an okay […]

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