Parse Error

Had some trouble, whilst trying to change something in the function page I came across this message from death. I accidentally deleted or added something I shouldn’t and couldn’t access my site at all to revert the mistake. This was the second time this had happened to me but the first time I managed to delete […]

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Design and Style Inspirations

Design Inspiration Looked at a range of websites that I feel convey the kind of style I would like to go for in terms of colour schemes, the type of illustrations and the flat design look. I really liked the minimalistic layouts and the use of colour. I’d like to experiment more with colour and graphic prints […]

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Here are more websites I looked at for inspiration with my design. I still am interested in a flat design website with elements of graphic design and illustrations. The Mail chimp website mixes this style with a photograph, I found the two to be appealing and looks cool. The colourful theme continues throughout the site. […]

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Was trying to make my website shop products optimised for search engines to resemble what would actually be desired for a real online store. It’s been mostly guess work figuring out the correct labeling. I now understand what each section is about but getting the focus keyword correct has been challenging and getting above an okay […]

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Domain Bought!

Before buying web hosting and a domain, researched which hosting site to host the site I’d be making. Below are the websites I looked at to make my decision on which hosting provider to sign up with as well as feedback from class and other students. Decided to go with godaddy, below […]

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Getting Started/Web Hosting

For assignment two I’m creating a site before beginning  I had to look up all the requirements to actually start. Here are some sites that I found useful for setting up and also as a sort of reference point that you can check all the stages.   Getting Started  Smashing Magazine This is like a wordpress guide for […]

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