Trying it out

Once I realised the mistake I made by attempting to do a popup gallery I thought I should at least try to give the autoplay function a go to see how to do it. It plays… just doesn’t stop. Also tried to add this jquery function  result isn’t quite as planned.

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My timestamp is messed up

This was my first attempt at a popup and looks exactly like I hoped it would but once I got the popup to work I realised I didn’t know how to get it to change to the next photo. The second image is of when the popup is closed. I changed the caption bar to […]

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Trial but mostly errors

This is hard. Made the mistake of complicating things for myself and thinking I could defeat gravity and fly rather than taking it easy. Clever me thought it would be a good idea to try and have the images in a grid gallery and the larger image would be in a popup and hopefully navigate […]

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Mockup 1 Like How the images are laid out clearly larger thumbnails for side images When the images are not in use they are faded out and out of focus to not detract from viewed image Dislike Too simple with more of a focus on functionality over aesthetics rather than a balance between the two. Navigation between […]

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